SpaceX Dragon Set for Wednesday Departure from ISS: Live Stream Available

by Amir Hussein
SpaceX Dragon ISS Departure

The SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft is on its 29th commercial supply mission for NASA, currently near the International Space Station, orbiting approximately 261 miles above the Savu Sea in Indonesia. Credit: NASA

NASA and SpaceX have scheduled the detachment of SpaceX’s 29th Dragon commercial resupply spacecraft from the International Space Station (ISS) for no earlier than 5:05 p.m. EST on Wednesday, December 20. This follows several postponements due to inclement weather.

Teams from both organizations are closely monitoring weather patterns, especially concerning a cold front near Florida’s coast, to identify the most favorable moment for the spacecraft’s autonomous undocking.

Live coverage of the Dragon spacecraft’s departure on Wednesday will commence at 4:45 p.m. and can be viewed on NASA+ streaming services, including their website, NASA app, NASA Television, YouTube, and other digital platforms. Information on streaming NASA TV across various services, including social media, is available.

The Dragon spacecraft’s re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere and subsequent splashdown near Florida’s coast will not be televised on NASA TV.

SpaceX’s cargo Dragon spacecraft recently disengaged from the International Docking Adapter at the Harmony module’s space-facing port on the ISS. Credit: NASA

SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft

The SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft, a SpaceX innovation, marks a significant leap in commercial spaceflight. It is engineered to ferry supplies to and from the International Space Station (ISS). The Dragon spacecraft comes in two models: the Cargo Dragon and the Crew Dragon (Dragon 2). The Cargo Dragon, an uncrewed version, is pivotal for supply missions.

Distinguished by its high payload capacity, the Dragon spacecraft includes a pressurized capsule for delicate scientific experiments and an unpressurized section for additional cargo. It is among the few spacecraft capable of returning substantial cargo from space, vital for ISS research. The Dragon’s multi-use design and capacity have been integral in supporting ongoing supply and scientific operations on the ISS.

The International Space Station was captured in an image from the SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour during a fly-around after detaching from the Harmony module on November 8, 2021. At the time, the ISS was 263 miles above the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Credit: NASA

International Space Station (ISS)

The International Space Station stands as a testament to advanced space technology and global collaboration. It operates as a research lab in space, conducting studies in various fields including astrobiology, astronomy, and physics. The ISS is a collaborative effort involving NASA, Roscosmos (Russia), JAXA (Japan), ESA (Europe), and CSA (Canada).

Circling the Earth approximately every 90 minutes, the ISS serves as a microgravity lab. Here, crew members engage in research spanning biology, physics, astronomy, and more. It also tests equipment essential for long-duration Moon and Mars missions. Continuously manned since November 2000, the ISS symbolizes a significant milestone in international cooperation and ongoing human space exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SpaceX Dragon ISS Departure

What is the SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft?

The SpaceX Dragon Cargo Spacecraft is a key development in commercial spaceflight, designed to carry supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) and return cargo to Earth. It includes two versions: the Cargo Dragon and the Crew Dragon (Dragon 2), with the Cargo Dragon being an unmanned variant crucial for resupply missions.

When is the SpaceX Dragon scheduled to depart from the ISS?

NASA and SpaceX have scheduled the departure of the Dragon spacecraft from the ISS for no earlier than 5:05 p.m. EST on Wednesday, December 20, following delays due to adverse weather conditions.

Where can the departure of the SpaceX Dragon be watched live?

The departure can be streamed live starting at 4:45 p.m. on NASA+ streaming services, NASA Television, YouTube, the NASA app, and their website. The re-entry and splashdown will not be broadcast on NASA TV.

What is the significance of the International Space Station (ISS)?

The ISS is a marvel of modern space technology and international collaboration, serving as a space environment research laboratory for experiments in various scientific fields. It is a joint project involving NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ESA, and CSA, and has been continuously occupied since November 2000.

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tech_geek34 December 19, 2023 - 1:32 pm

SpaceX is just amazing, they’re revolutionizing space travel. the Dragon spacecraft is such an achievement.

SpaceFanRick December 19, 2023 - 4:42 pm

wow, cant wait to see the dragon leave the ISS, these missions are always so exciting!!

rocketman88 December 20, 2023 - 12:05 am

are these missions going to be more frequent? its great to see so much activity in space exploration.

ISSenthusiast December 20, 2023 - 3:58 am

the ISS is such an incredible feat of engineering, love reading about what they’re doing up there.

astrojenny December 20, 2023 - 6:46 am

i read somewhere that the weather’s been bad lately, hope it clears up for the launch.


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