This Week @NASA: Webb Finds Black Hole in Early Universe, Mars Helicopter, Parker Solar Probe

by François Dupont
NASA's Parker Solar Probe Records

Here are the rewritten descriptions:

  1. Webb Telescope Discovers Most Distant Active Supermassive Black Hole

Using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, researchers have made a remarkable discovery, finding the most distant active supermassive black hole known to date. This black hole, located in a galaxy that existed just over 570 million years after the big bang, is less massive than any other black hole identified in the early universe. Visit to learn more about this groundbreaking finding.

  1. Parker Solar Probe Completes 16th Sun Orbit

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe successfully completed its 16th orbit around the Sun. During its perihelion, the probe came within 5.3 million miles of the solar surface, marking another scorching journey around our star. In the coming months, the spacecraft will utilize the gravity of Venus to enable even closer perihelion passes, providing valuable insights into the field of heliophysics.

  1. Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Restored to Communication

After a communication hiatus lasting approximately 63 days, the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has re-established contact with the mission team. The interruption in communication occurred when the rotorcraft flew behind a hill, obstructing the signal between the helicopter and the Perseverance rover, which acts as a communication relay to Earth. However, contact was regained when Perseverance traversed the hill and restored visual contact with Ingenuity.

  1. X-59 Aircraft Progresses Toward Runway

NASA’s X-59 aircraft recently reached a significant milestone as it was relocated from its construction site to the flight line at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in Southern California. This move represents one of several crucial steps in preparing the aircraft for its inaugural flight. The X-59 aims to demonstrate the ability to achieve supersonic speeds while generating a significantly quieter sonic thump, contrasting with the loud sonic booms typically associated with supersonic flight.

That’s the update from NASA for this week!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NASA highlights: Space Discoveries

Q: What did the Webb telescope discover in the early Universe?

A: The Webb telescope discovered the most distant active supermassive black hole to date. It was found in a galaxy that existed just over 570 million years after the big bang.

Q: How many orbits has the Parker Solar Probe completed around the Sun?

A: The Parker Solar Probe has completed its 16th orbit around the Sun. During its perihelion, it came within 5.3 million miles of the solar surface.

Q: What happened to the communication of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter?

A: The communication between the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter and the Perseverance rover was interrupted for about 63 days when the rotorcraft flew behind a hill. However, contact was re-established when the rover drove up the hill and regained visual contact with the helicopter.

Q: What is the purpose of NASA’s X-59 aircraft?

A: The X-59 aircraft is designed to demonstrate supersonic flight capabilities while producing a quieter sonic thump instead of the loud sonic boom typically associated with supersonic flight. It aims to advance the field of supersonic travel.

More about NASA highlights: Space Discoveries

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SpaceLover42 July 9, 2023 - 11:28 pm

wow nasa always finding cool stuff!! the webb telescope found a black hole?? thats insane. also parker probe went near the sun and the helicopter talked to the rover again! so cool! cant wait for more discoveries!

AstroExplorer88 July 10, 2023 - 12:01 am

nasa’s webb telescope is a BEAST! found a supermassive black hole in the EARLY UNIVERSE?! mind blown! also, parker probe doing its thing orbiting the sun like a boss. and yay for ingenuity helicopter getting back in touch with the rover. mars missions are so exciting!

GalacticWanderer July 10, 2023 - 12:17 am

nasa’s webb telescope going way back in time, finding a black hole in the early universe, like a cosmic detective! and parker probe, making its close approach to the sun, brave little spacecraft. and ingenuity helicopter, back in action after a little communication hiccup. space missions = endless excitement!

StellarDreamer July 10, 2023 - 9:04 am

nasa’s webb telescope be like “found a black hole in early universe, no biggie” and parker probe be like “16th orbit done, sun, here i come!” and ingenuity helicopter be like “hello again, mars, missed ya!” space exploration rocks, man!

CosmicTraveler123 July 10, 2023 - 12:44 pm

omg nasa always blowing my mind! webb telescope discovered a black hole from the early universe?? incredible! parker probe is getting closer to the sun, must be super hot out there! and yay for ingenuity helicopter, back in touch after a little silence. can’t get enough of these space adventures!


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